giveaway apple iphone macbook watch imac ipod 2020 se
giveaway apple iphone macbook watch imac ipod 2020 se

Apple iPhone XS and AirPods

International apple sweepstakes. Enter to Win iPhone XS and AirPods Giveaway November 2018.
iPhone revolutionizes mobile videography, from the first slo-mo 120fps video capture since 2013, initiative 4k video recording at 60fps last year, groundbreaking space optimization by courtesy of HEVC support in iOS 11 update, to the extended dynamic range in new XS. But iPhone users still face challenges, bogging themselves down to various problems with video storage, playback, editing, uploading and other processing tasks.

There are many factors behind the issues. For example, HEVC ruins playback experience on older Mac and iPhone. Unreasonably huge 4K shots quickly eat up iPhone space, slow down the speed of sending on Whatsapp, lead to choppy playback and freezing edits. Social sites like Instagram degrade iPhone video due to heavy compression and exert a strict restriction on both file length and size. The triumph card to get you out of all troubles rests on iPhone video processing. We will focus on this topic below.

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November 30, 2018


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